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Handwritten notes will NEVER go out of style.

I have always written letters for as long as I can remember. My mom and dad made sure I ALWAYS sent thank you cards and I always sent postcards to friends from vacation. In elementary school I had a pen pal in Africa and in 5th grade, I was a “mail delivery girl” for a school wide pen pal club called “We Deliver”. (Pretty SWEET, right?!?! haha) I’ve always adored pretty cards and stationary… in fact I have a whole dresser drawer dedicated to it! I can’t go to Target without at least one pack or cute stationary!!!

I write letters all. the. time! To new friends and old! I STILL write letters to my 3rd grade teacher! We have been pen pals for 18 years!!! My whole family sends cards to one another… in fact I just received a card from my sister in Charlotte, NC! There is something so special about a handwritten card. The sender has to take time out of their day to write you a note and when you receive it, it’s like opening a special gift! I like knowing that I’ll be brightening someone’s day a few states away or even the town over. It really is one of my favorite feelings!

Remember this!!! No one is too close or too far to receive mail!

So, friends, I challenge YOU to pick 3 people to send a card to each week. It doesn’t have to be a 3 page front and back letter it could be a few sentences! Maybe it’s your best friend’s birthday next week or you’d like to surprise a cousin or college friend with a “hello!” card… whoever it is find 3 people each week whose day you’d like to brighten! If anything, it will bring you good karma!

*BONUS* If you would like some snail mail from me, send me an email at with your address!

xoxo, Brett

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