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A coffee shop, colorful blocks, gorgeous tree-lined sidewalks, leafy green walls, and the most beautiful columns and arches… Houston, you were a dream! Do you recall Andrew and Rainey’s amazing waterside proposal (click HERE) on the dock that I photographed in December? They invited me back to take their engagement photos in Houston!! It was fun to come back and visit friends and then take a little adventure around downtown to shoot their engagement photos!

When I arrived in Texas, Rainey mentioned she really had no idea where she wanted to take pictures… and since I’ve actually never been to downtown Houston… a little search on Instagram and we found some INCREDIBLE locations to start off with! Andrew chauffeured all of us around downtown and we wandered around the city for the afternoon!

Rainey had the most adorable idea to take photos at The Honeymoon Cafe!! I am in LOVE with these photos! We told the barista about our plan for the shoot and he was kind enough to give us “the good mugs” as long as we promised to bring them back! Later when I showed him the photo, he had a smile on his face!

romantic coffee shop downtown houston engagement sessionromantic coffee shop downtown houston engagement sessionraineyandrew-3“Andrew doesn’t really like coffee but he drinks it with me.”romantic coffee shop downtown houston engagement sessionOne of my FAVORITES!romantic coffee shop downtown houston engagement sessionraineyandrew-44raineyandrew-7romantic coffee shop downtown houston engagement sessionLike seriously, can they be any cuter?romantic coffee shop downtown houston engagement sessionromantic downtown houston texas engagement sessionromantic coffee shop downtown houston engagement sessionraineyandrew-47We turned the corner and the sign said – “LOVE IS IN THE AIR”… we (us girls) were like ohmygosh… it’s PERFECT!raineyandrew-51raineyandrew-54Oh Rainey, you’re stunning!romantic downtown houston texas engagement sessionraineyandrew-72raineyandrew-82raineyandrew-85raineyandrew-75No, I didn’t have a special light for this… the sun was bouncing off a VERY reflective building across the street!raineyandrew-92OBSESSED with the colors & the laughing!!romantic downtown houston texas engagement sessionraineyandrew-102romantic downtown houston texas engagement sessionraineyandrew-203raineyandrew-116raineyandrew-121But seriously, how cool is this color block wall???raineyandrew-118raineyandrew-172raineyandrew-114raineyandrew-161raineyandrew-137raineyandrew-146raineyandrew-139raineyandrew-155raineyandrew-149So cozy!raineyandrew-160raineyandrew-145raineyandrew-179raineyandrew-184raineyandrew-189raineyandrew-195raineyandrew-220This sidewalk was SO LONG and perfectly lined with trees… and NO ONE was around! It was unbelievably pretty!raineyandrew-215raineyandrew-218raineyandrew-231raineyandrew-252raineyandrew-238raineyandrew-248raineyandrew-259raineyandrew-263So soft and sweet!raineyandrew-266raineyandrew-265raineyandrew-276raineyandrew-274raineyandrew-291One of my favorites!!raineyandrew-304raineyandrew-301raineyandrew-337raineyandrew-299Had to grab a photo by this cool lime green bush!!raineyandrew-340raineyandrew-437The wall of my dreams!!!!! Oh my gosh, I was so obsessed with this wall (which is actually the entrance to Rice University)raineyandrew-343raineyandrew-356raineyandrew-346raineyandrew-355raineyandrew-384raineyandrew-353raineyandrew-363raineyandrew-365raineyandrew-378I just love these two! They are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! So lucky to call them friends!raineyandrew-371raineyandrew-370raineyandrew-377raineyandrew-394raineyandrew-391raineyandrew-398raineyandrew-408Obsessed with these columns and arches!!raineyandrew-412raineyandrew-413raineyandrew-424raineyandrew-425After a full afternoon of shooting… we ended playing frogger in the street… just kidding. But I do love the glow of the lights on the trees!raineyandrew-428

THANK YOU RAINEY AND ANDREW!!! I can’t wait to photograph your BIG DAY in November!!!xoxo bd


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