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romantic rust manor house wedding Brett Denfeld PhotographyDELANEY & TJ | A ROMANTIC RUST MANOR HOUSE WEDDING | LEESBURG, VIRGINIA

When Delaney first contacted me about her wedding, I fell in love with her details. From the gorgeous flowers from the garden of Holly Chapple to the romantic vibe of Rust Manor House – Delaney and TJ danced, laughed, and enjoyed an evening with their close family and friends. It may have sprinkled during bride and groom portraits but a little rain never hurt anyone. The rain stopped and we took some romantic portraits in the garden! After a Blink-182 dance marathon and a Nurf gun battle, these two ended the night with a bubble exit! So cute!


I arrived at Rust Manor House to meet Delaney and her close gal pals getting ready for the big day! I started the day by photographing the gorgeous invitations and wedding day details… Barry-Wedding-9_WEBBarry-Wedding-16_WEBBarry-Wedding-18_WEBBarry-Wedding-37_WEBBarry-Wedding-39_WEBAnd then the flowers got there and I had to take some more ring shots… duh:)Barry-Wedding-45_WEBBarry-Wedding-38_WEBDrooling over this bridal bouquet from Holly Chapple Flowers! Delaney left it up to Holly to create a masterpiece! All Delaney wanted was purple to be incorporated – I think Holly nailed it!Barry-Wedding-49_WEB

Barry-Wedding-6_WEBLoved that Delaney chose a bright red lip!Barry-Wedding-34_WEB

Dress time!Barry-Wedding-58_WEBBarry-Wedding-61_WEBBarry-Wedding-62_WEBBarry-Wedding-67_WEBBarry-Wedding-70_WEBBarry-Wedding-81_WEBBarry-Wedding-83_WEBBarry-Wedding-88_WEBBarry-Wedding-91_WEBBarry-Wedding-93_WEB

TJ added a Darth Vadar pin to his tie for his groom details!Barry-Wedding-96_WEB

Barry-Wedding-107_WEBLOVE!Barry-Wedding-109_WEBBarry-Wedding-122_WEBBride’s family!
Barry-Wedding-127_WEBBarry-Wedding-138_WEBBridesmaid and little sister!Barry-Wedding-149_WEBBarry-Wedding-154_WEBBarry-Wedding-159_WEBBarry-Wedding-162_WEBGroom’s family!Barry-Wedding-167_WEBBarry-Wedding-174_WEBGroomsman and groom’s brother!Barry-Wedding-183_WEB

We left Rust and headed over to the chapel for the ceremony!

Barry-Wedding-188_WEBBarry-Wedding-194_WEBTJ’s face – the first time he’s seen Delaney all day!Barry-Wedding-195_WEBBarry-Wedding-199_WEBBarry-Wedding-200_WEBBarry-Wedding-206_WEBBarry-Wedding-213_WEBBarry-Wedding-220_WEBBarry-Wedding-226_WEBTJ’s mom designed the programs and even made the portrait of them and their dog! SO cute!

Officially, Mr & Mrs Barry!

A trolley took the guests back to Rust Manor House while I took photos of the bridal party across the street from the chapel!Barry-Wedding-264_WEBBarry-Wedding-266_WEBBarry-Wedding-270_WEBBarry-Wedding-274_WEBBarry-Wedding-275_WEBBarry-Wedding-280_WEBBarry-Wedding-284_WEBBarry-Wedding-290_WEBBarry-Wedding-260_WEBLoveeeeee!Barry-Wedding-293_WEBBarry-Wedding-299_WEBBarry-Wedding-303_WEBBarry-Wedding-306_WEBBarry-Wedding-308_WEBBarry-Wedding-312_WEBBarry-Wedding-316_WEBBarry-Wedding-320_WEBBarry-Wedding-335_WEBBarry-Wedding-329_WEBBarry-Wedding-340_WEB

Barry-Wedding-343_WEBBarry-Wedding-345_WEBBarry-Wedding-349_WEBBarry-Wedding-350_WEBBarry-Wedding-353_WEBBy the time we got back to Rust Manor House a storm cloud opened up and it started to rain! I headed into the reception tent to take detail shots while Delaney & TJ relaxed.Barry-Wedding-354_WEB

Barry-Wedding-378_WEBGorgeous!Barry-Wedding-396_WEBromantic rust manor house leesburg wedding Brett-Denfeld-PhotographyvBarry-Wedding-380_WEBCakes and pies — can’t go wrong with both!Barry-Wedding-388_WEBBarry-Wedding-387_WEBBarry-Wedding-382_WEBBarry-Wedding-395_WEBI didn’t have any pie but I did eat the cake and it was delicious!Barry-Wedding-392_WEBBarry-Wedding-398_WEB

Barry-Wedding-408_WEBBarry-Wedding-416_WEBBarry-Wedding-423_WEBBarry-Wedding-425_WEBBarry-Wedding-431_WEBBarry-Wedding-436_WEBBarry-Wedding-446_WEBBarry-Wedding-448_WEBBarry-Wedding-463_WEBBarry-Wedding-470_WEBNot a dry eye in the house! Father/daughter dances get me every time!Barry-Wedding-478_WEBPenny had the moves!
Barry-Wedding-485_WEBBarry-Wedding-489_WEBDelaney and TJ snuck out for a few more photos after the rain stopped!
Barry-Wedding-500_WEBHaha – TJ posed while I got my light right… I think he learned a thing or two after watching Delaney take bridal photos. Haha!

romantic rust manor house leesburg wedding Brett-Denfeld-PhotographyBarry-Wedding-520_WEBOne of my favorites!! What I loved even more was that Delaney knew how happy I was going to be to take photos by the boxwoods.:)A bride after my own heart!Barry-Wedding-526_WEBBarry-Wedding-533_WEBBarry-Wedding-529_WEBBarry-Wedding-537_WEBBarry-Wedding-522_WEBBarry-Wedding-539_WEBYou guys!! SO CUTE!Barry-Wedding-541_WEBBarry-Wedding-542_WEBHappy, happy bride!Barry-Wedding-547_WEBBarry-Wedding-551_WEBBarry-Wedding-554_WEBBarry-Wedding-556_WEBBarry-Wedding-560_WEBBarry-Wedding-553_WEB

We entered back into the reception and they cut the cake!Barry-Wedding-563_WEBBarry-Wedding-566_WEBBarry-Wedding-582_WEBBarry-Wedding-588_WEBBarry-Wedding-607_WEBBarry-Wedding-598_WEBBarry-Wedding-640_WEBAnd then a nurf gun war broke out…Barry-Wedding-654_WEBIt got intense. Haha!Barry-Wedding-648_WEBBarry-Wedding-634_WEBBarry-Wedding-660_WEBBarry-Wedding-650_WEBCatherine! My friend from college and the gal responsible for all the pretty calligraphy signage!Barry-Wedding-591_WEB

Even though I had already taken a million and one bride and groom photos – I somehow convinced them to take one more (or 5) when the sun came back out!

romantic rust manor house leesburg wedding Brett-Denfeld-Photographyromantic rust manor house leesburg wedding Brett-Denfeld-Photography

Gotta love some intense dancing shots!Barry-Wedding-683_WEBBarry-Wedding-681_WEBBarry-Wedding-696_WEBBarry-Wedding-698_WEBBarry-Wedding-717_WEBBarry-Wedding-726_WEBBarry-Wedding-730_WEBBarry-Wedding-731_WEBBarry-Wedding-733_WEBThe night came to an end with a bubble exit!
Barry-Wedding-738_WEBBarry-Wedding-747_WEBromantic rust manor house leesburg wedding Brett-Denfeld-Photography

Congratulations Delaney and TJ! Thank you choosing me to capture your big day!!!

Shoutout to these amazing vendors for making Delaney & TJ’s wedding come together!

Venue: Rust Manor House

Dress/Veil/Headband: Ellie’s Bridal Boutique

Shoes: Nordstrom

Hair: Kelly Degear at Village 9

Makeup: Elainea Susanne  

Flowers: Holly Chapple Flowers

Signage: Bride’s Friend – CAB Craft Boutique

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Wedding Programs: Groom’s mother – Penny!

Catering: Great Blue Heron

DJ/Event Lighting: DJ Freddie D from Musical DJs 

Linens: Party Rental LTD

Cake/Pie: Layered Cake Patisserie

Trolley: Virginia Rides

xoxo bd


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