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I was so honored when Derica asked me to photograph her proposal to Kyra, my first college friend! She and Kyra live in L.A. and would be going to a weekend getaway trip with friends to Wintergreen, VA. Derica asked me for advice on where to pop the big question. I mentioned a few places and she decided on Bold Rock! Bold Rock happens to be my favorite cidery — so I was pretty happy about that decision!

I drove down on that Sunday morning and stealthily made my plans with Derica. She said they would be going to Bold Rock and she would let me know when they got inside so that we didn’t accidentally bump into each other in the parking lot… that would have been BADDD. So I waited a few miles away and when I got the “OK” I parked and walked around back to the tree line closest to the building. There was NO WHERE for me to hide… except for behind a utility box. So… I got my camera out… and crouched behind the box… luckily it was a cold day so no one was outside and no one saw me looking like a total creep!

I waited for about 20 minutes and then Kyra and the whole gang of friends walked down to the creek to take a big group photo… on the walk back up to the Bold Rock building, Derica led Kyra a little ahead of the pack… turned her around and got down on one knee!!! I shot from the tree line for a while then started walking closer – she didn’t even notice me until Derica pointed me out!

I took a big group photo of everyone and then a few of Derica and Kyra before we up to the big fire pit for some celebratory cider! It was so wonderful to be there for that momentous occasion! This Bold Rock proposal was one to remember!


bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-23OH HEY!!! I’M HERE!!!
bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-34bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-40bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-43bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-48bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-55bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-75bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-65bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-85bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-93bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-98bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-106bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-110bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-113bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-127bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-128Kyra’s GORGEOUS rose gold ring in a beautiful Mrs. Box!!!bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-119bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-124bold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-132Came for the weekend, left with a “Bold Rock” — yeah, I came up with that on my own… hehehehebold-rock-cider-charlottesville-proposal-138

Congratulations, Derica & Kyra!!

xoxo bd

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