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Shot list? What’s a wedding shot list? Well, it’s the list of photos that couples want taken at their wedding. However, at this point in my business, I do not work off of a shot list.  I’ve shot nearly 100 weddings and have the “shot list” ingrained in my brain. I DO want my couples to let me know of any must haves that aren’t the norm. For instance, I don’t need my couples to make a list of shots like “take a photo of my rings” or “take a photo of me with my bridesmaids”… I’ll do that, don’t worry! I DO want my couples to point out special items that they want extra attention on like “please take a photo of my shoes because they’re the same ones that my mom wore on her wedding day” or “please take a picture of the pins that I’ll be pinning on my bouquet, they belong to my grandparents.” Those are the kinds of things I would love to be told! washington golf club navy white wedding

I don’t want my couples to panic and think they need to create a list of 200 shots that they want. If they’ve fallen in love with my work so far, they can expect the same quality and coverage of their event. I make sure to educate all couples about things to have ready for “getting ready” shots like rings, shoes, things “new, borrowed, and blue” etc so that I can cover all the details of the story. There are shots that I do at every wedding that every couple will receive.Barry Wedding Family-6_WEB

The only wedding shot list I request from my couples is the family formals and group shot lists because I might not know who the VIPs are and I would hate to miss a shot that my couples had their minds set on. The only way to insure that I get every person on the VIP list is to have a group shot list to work from! I would hate for my couples to receive their wedding photos and regret that they didn’t get a photo with their college classmates!

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