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July 13, 2017



One of my favorite things about wedding days are how happy the people are. That seems like a given right? But really… the smiling moms, the dads who are choking back tears, the brothers and sisters, the relatives, and all of the supportive family and friends. There’s nothing like a father of the bride crying to get me next to tears myself. I started Leslie and Kevin’s wedding weekend by photographing their rehearsal dinner or otherwise known as the official kick off welcome dinner of the weekend. There, I got to meet both immediate families as well as relatives from out of town and the bridal party. I don’t attend those very often, maybe only when I’m photographing a destination wedding and get invited. But last weekend I was welcomed into the family with open arms as not only the photographer but a friend and it was SO nice! Kevin’s mom thanked me profusely for being there but honestly, it was really special to be there for that event!

The next morning when I arrived at the bride’s childhood home for the getting ready portion of the day. Her father answered the door and extended a hug welcoming me in and everyone said good morning with a smile as I started getting the details together for pictures! I spread out the array of details on the porch and began photographing Leslie’s rings and invites on a silver tray that I saw out of the corner of my eye in the foyer when I walked in… Let’s not forget when Leslie’s mom found two other gorgeous round trays that she then proceeded to polish for me on the spot (even after I told her she didn’t need to!!). You’ll see him in photos soon but Leslie’s nephew was the cutest little guy out there in a suit and bow tie. He was given a camera to play with and quickly became quite the competition! (Scroll down to see!)

The rest of the day, while warm in the August sun, was a breeze. The ceremony was beautiful and filled with family and friends. Guests left for cocktail hour as I took family formals and bridal party groups! The whole lot of us headed back to Reston Town Center to finish photos outside before heading in for the reception! Before letting the bride and groom go, I shot their bride and groom (omg, just married!!) portraits! I love how they turned out – in the park and on the street!

The reception was filled with laughs from the best man speech, tears from the maid of honors, and hours upon hours of dancing! One of my favorite parts that made me laugh was the tunnel that everyone danced through for a song or two — it made for some pretty hilarious photos! Followed by one of those moments that pulled at my heart strings — Leslie having a moment with her grandfather and her brother and sister. Before I start making myself cry… let’s get to the photos!

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs MacDowell!!!!


reston-hyatt-wedding-5_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-4_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-6_WEBSimple and classic and sparkly — love!reston-hyatt-wedding-8_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-20_WEB

Loving these sparkly Betsy Johnson shoes!reston-hyatt-wedding-18_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-3_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-11_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-2_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-23_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-15_WEBLeslie’s mom gave her her “something new” pearl bracelet!reston-hyatt-wedding-45_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-43_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-17_WEB

I spy… me.reston-hyatt-wedding-29_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-36_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-32_WEBIn love with that silver tray with the details!!!reston-hyatt-wedding-42_WEB

reston-hyatt-wedding-47_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-48_WEBMy favorite little “photo assistant”!reston-hyatt-wedding-57_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-64_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-59_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-61_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-69_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-68_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-67_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-14_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-21_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-28_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-33_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-41_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-38_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-52_WEBHow cool is that tie?!?!reston-hyatt-wedding-53_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-54_WEB

Just a groom and his mama!reston-hyatt-wedding-49_WEB

reston-hyatt-wedding-73_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-75_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-76_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-77_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-78_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-79_WEBWhen the ring bearer shook hands with the groom!reston-hyatt-wedding-81_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-82_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-84_WEBSo SWEET!

reston-hyatt-wedding-105_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-114_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-111_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-110_WEB reston-hyatt-wedding-127_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-123_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-117_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-116_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-118_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-112_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-128_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-130_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-136_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-147_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-143_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-140_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-151_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-152_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-162_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-159_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-166_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-156_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-169_WEBI love seeing engagement photos at the wedding!reston-hyatt-wedding-170_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-171_WEBKevin’s mom made Limoncello for EVERY SINGLE guest! We chatted at the rehearsal dinner and she told me (if I remember correctly) that she needed the lemon rinds from 16 pounds of lemons!
reston-hyatt-wedding-172_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-173_WEBBeautiful cake from Fluffy Thoughts!reston-hyatt-wedding-174_WEB

reston-hyatt-wedding-180_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-181_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-182_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-184_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-185_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-186_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-187_WEBreston-hyatt-1_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-188_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-190_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-194_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-195_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-197_WEB reston-hyatt-wedding-200_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-203_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-207_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-205_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-208_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-213_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-212_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-209_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-210_WEBreston-hyatt-wedding-211_WEB


Thank you to the team of awesome wedding day professionals who made Leslie & Kevin’s day so special! Huge thanks to my second photographer, Emily Peters for all of her hard work all day!

Venue: Reston Hyatt

Church: St. John Neumann

Caterer/Baker: Fluffy Thoughts

Florist: Joy & Co

Officiant: Father Joe Brennan

Dress: Jeanettes Bridal

Music: DJ Dave Grimm

Makeup: Makeup by Tazia

Hair: Corry @ Christie Adams Salon

Invitations, Programs and Menu Cards: Minted


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